Chile | Guanaco - Amancaya Mine Complex

Guanaco - Amancaya Mine Complex - Chile - Austral Gold


  • Location: Northern Chile (220km SSE Antofagasta City).
  • Metals: Gold and Silver.
  • Ownership: 100%.
  • Status: Producing.
  • Deposit Type: High Sulphidation (Guanaco) – Low Sulphidation (Amancaya) Epithermal Deposits.
  • Infrastructure: 1,500 tpd milling circuit to agitation leaching and Merrill-Crowe processing plant, and 3,000 tpd crushing CC circuit and heap leaching processing plant, administration building, laboratory, warehouse, maintenance facilities, diesel power generating units, water pipeline and tanks, fuel tanks, and an accommodation complex.


The operation is in northern Chile in the Antofagasta Region, approximately 220 km southeast of Antofagasta City.

The main access to Guanaco is via an existing private road which connects to Highway 5 North at km 1198. This road (Route B-865) is a good quality 42 km unpaved road. Site roads in the plant, mine, and camp area are unpaved, and irrigated frequently to minimize dust. Traffic signs and direction signalling are provided on all roads according to Chilean traffic rules.

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Guanaco - Amancaya Mine Complex - Chile - Austral Gold
Guanaco - Amancaya Mine Complex - Chile - Austral Gold


It consists of nine non-contiguous, irregularly shaped blocks of mining concessions (sectors) that extend for approximately 50 km in an east-west direction and approximately 100 km in a north-south direction.

• Guanaco is located in the Palaeocene/Eocene belt. This structural trend runs north/south through the center of North Chile and hosts several large gold and copper mining operations. The alteration pattern and the mineralogical composition of the Guanaco mineralization have led to the classification as a high-sulphidation epithermal deposit.

• Amancaya mine represents a low sulphidation gold-silver epithermal deposit hosted in the Depression Central, located in the Palaeocene/Eocene belt. The critical features that define the mineralization at Amancaya include lithological and structural controls. The Palaeocene intermediate volcanic belongs to the Chile-Alemania Formation.

Community and Environment

The Guanaco-Amancaya Operation is situated in an arid area of low biodiversity, away from permanent water courses and human communities or settlements. As a result, the operation's potential environmental and social impacts are limited, and the associated risk is low.

The monitoring program at the Guanaco and Amancaya sites includes meteorology, air quality, water quality, flora, and fauna. The monitoring program results are reported to the authorities according to the frequency stated in the approved resolutions. The project complies with applicable Chilean permitting requirements.


Technical Report

Guanaco - Amancaya Mine Complex - Chile - Austral Gold