Pampa Buenos Aires District

Location and Geology

The Pampa Buenos Aires District is located 170 Km SE of Antofagasta City, Chile, and covers more than 20,000 hectares of mining concessions with indicators of LS/HS mineralized systems, outcropping or concealed under gravel.

In this segment of the Palaeocene Belt, the level of erosion is scarce, preserving the Palaeocene volcanic sequences. The contractional-extensional events of the Andean Cycle control the formation and preservation of mineral deposits through NE, NW, and NS faults that define the structural blocks, which uplifts rocks of the Cerro Empexa Formation above levels of tuffs and intrusive of the Chile-Alemania Formation.

Location and Geology - Las Pampas - Austral Gold

Exploration Projects

Exploration Projects - Pampas Buenos Aires Distric - Las Pampas and Loro - Austral Gold

01. Las Pampas and Loro

These projects (100% Austral Gold) were acquired from Revelo Resources Corp (TSXV:RVL) in February 2021. Structural architecture has been defined, and orientation surveys were carried out for the application of geochemical techniques to detect sources covered by gravel.

02. Cerro Buenos Aires

At Sierra Amarilla (100% Austral Gold), within the Cerro Buenos Aires area, maar-diatreme-type structures with varying degrees of preservation have been recognized. The maars are partially covered by domes and the lava dome of the Buenos Aires dome complex, denoting the synchronicity of events in the formation of the complex and the maars field.

The advanced argillic hydrothermal alteration was not exclusively or preferentially concentrated in the phreatomagmatic pyroclastic rocks but also strongly affected the rhyolitic host rock of the dome complex and the rhyolitic domes of the same complex.

Five holes in the southernmost target were drilled to test the phreatomagmatic breccia boundaries related to the CSAMT anomaly. Despite having intercepted a large column of alteration, the results were insubstantial. Priority drilling targets located north of the recently tested properties may correspond to the system's center based on our vectoring.

Exploration Projects - Pampas Buenos Aires Distric - Cerro Buenos Aires - Austral Gold

Pampa Buenos Aires - Cerro Buenos Aires. Exploring for high-sulphidation deposits.