Deseado Massif

Location and Geology

The Sierra Blanca project is located near the center of a large, undeformed, stable region known as the Deseado Massif in the north-central of Santa Cruz Province.

The Massif is a prominent metallotectonic feature of the Patagonia region and represents the products of massive continental volcanism related to extensional rifting during the Jurassic time. We also have a presence in the Massif through an equity investment in Unico Silver.

In the last 24 years, seven mines have been constructed in Santa Cruz, making the Deseado Massif geological province one of the most prolific precious metal regions in the world, including world-class deposits such as Cerro Vanguardia and Cerro Negro.

Exploration Projects - Argentina - Deseado Massif - Austral Gold

Exploration Projects

Exploration Projects - Argentina - Deseado Massif - Sierra Blanca Project - Austral Gold

Sierra Blanca Project

The Sierra Blanca project is located immediately west of the Pingüino Project. It is an epithermal deposit of low to intermediate sulfidation, including Chala and Tranquilo veins, and disseminated style mineralization recognized in the Vetarron target.

At Sierra Blanca, historical drilling campaigns and surface sampling suggest potential gold mineralization.

8 de Julio Project

The 8 de Julio Project is located NE of the Deseado Massif, about 25 km east of the Cerro Moro mine (2.5 MOz AuEq).

Abundant Jurassic volcaniclastic domes and deposits cover the district with evidence of epithermal mineralization (quartz veinlets and vein floats) that become more important towards the west.

The project presents mapping, geophysics (ground mag and gradient), sampling of rock chips and trenches. The Barroso Grande target presents a subsurface structure of 1.2 km in extension, WNW strike, with values of up to 12.5 g/t Au and good correlation with resistivity and chargeability anomalies.

Exploration Projects - Argentina - Deseado Massif - 8 de Julio Project - Austral Gold