Unico Silver

About Unico Silver

Unico Silver is an Australian exploration company listed on the ASX focused on making discoveries in the world-class Santa Cruz, southern Argentina. It explores gold, silver, and copper deposits.

The Company's flagship Conserrat Project is in the central part of Santa Cruz province, 130km northwest of the port town of San Julian. Remarkably, the project is centered on the same geological trend that is host to the Cerro Vanguardia mine.

Unico Silver acquired the Pingüino project from Austral in exchange for 19.99% equity interest + $5 million cash (Press Release). The silver-gold-zinc-lead-indium Pingüino project is an advanced-stage development project in Santa Cruz, Argentina. It is an atypical epithermal deposit for the Deseado Massif since it combines lower Jurassic polymetallic mineralization with mid to upper Jurassic precious metal-rich veins.

For more information on Unico Silver, please visit: https://e2metals.com.au/.

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