Pampa Metals

Location and Geology

Pampa Metals is a Canadian company listed on the CSE that owns a highly prospective 47,400-hectare portfolio of seven projects for copper and gold located along proven mineral belts in Chile, one of the world’s top mining jurisdictions. 

Projects owned:

  • Arrieros.
  • Redondo – Veronica.
  • Cerro Blanco.
  • Cerro Buenos Aires.
  • Block 3.
  • Block 4.
  • Morros Blancos.

Our current interest in Pampa is 6.8%.

In addition, in July 2021 Austral entered into an Option Agreement with Pampa Metals (Press Release) whereby Austral may acquire up to an 80% interest in Cerro Blanco and Morros Blanco's properties (Chile) held by Pampa. For more information on these two projects, please visit the Exploration Section.

For more information on Pampa Metals, please visit:

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